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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Patah seribu hatiku!


last night i stalked your facebook. then finally i realised that now you already have a gf. omg ! Mar said that u close with a girl but i don't really care. okay fine. then what should i do?? let it go?? just like that?? release him....

*__* (i dont know why im still doing this)


elys said...

just like you're willing to let you get hurt. dont ever try bebeh.

Leena (cenccia) said...

just u know, until now im keep stalking his fb. i didn't know why im doing this. im not fall with him.i guest. im already told u that i l*V* other guy before this. but i cant control myself to stop stalking him.:( .... sorry , a little bit emo tonight hope u dont mind>:*__* ... u have the answer why im doing this?? confused!

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